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Suggestions about Installing Solar Panel Mounts 2015-11-02 15:30:30|admin

Today,an increasing number of people choose to install solar system to get enough sun exposure. However,if the roof solar mounting system is not installed correctly,you will not get enough sun exposure to make your investment feasible. Generally speaking,there are two types of solar setups. They are mobile and non-mobile solar energy setups. As for solar panel mounts,the vital point is to have durable and convenient equipment which could stand up to different weather conditions. More details are being discussed.

Sunrack pitched roof solar mounting system

There are four common materials that are used in solar panel mounts: aluminum, angle iron, wood and stainless steel. Different materials have both advantages and disadvantages. First of all,aluminum is lightweight and resists corroding, while it is easy to work with it is difficult to weld. And then,angle iron works well but corrodes quickly, if you live in a damp environment you want to avoid this material. Thirdly,wood is cheap and easy to come by, while it works easily it might not take the weather for extended period of time. At last,stainless steel is great for longevity but expensive to work with. It’s good in areas with lots of different weather types.


A good mount takes into account the wind load for the particular angle at which you are going to mount your solar panel. Good advice from a local contractor can give you direction in this area so you can account for this factor. In general, plan for the worst type of weather possible in your area and account for that with the type of mount you purchase and install.


If you are going to use a tracker with your solar panel, you want to ensure that it requires little energy and power, like a single axis tracker. Trackers allow you solar panel to shift and get most of the sun’s rays for energy. It is recommended to use concrete with anchor bolts to securely hold your tracker in place.


As we all know,in fact,apart from placing solar panel mounts on the roof,they can also be put on the ground or a pole. By the way,before installing this kind of mount,consider the weather in your area because to some degree,the continued water leakage can cause some serious damage. Of course there are some advantages. Sunforson is a leading solar mounting product supplier, specialized in developing and manufacturing SunRack brand solar mounting system. In order to provide fast installation and secure solar mountings, Sunforson has released a series of top level PV mounting systems to the market. More information at sunforson.


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